Pavillion de Debris
2014: site-specific installation at the Palais Badii, for the Marrakech Biennale.
Salvaged wood from the Palais Badii, embedded with an interactive acoustic system

I was fortunate enough to have access to material from a storage yard of the Palais Badii where the installation was situated. Today, we discard trash into designated bins and forget about it, believing that we have paid our dues as a consumer. But I have found that often safe-disposal only implies well-hidden, even in Europe.
This project attempts to show an alternative view of material designated as waste.
The installation is embedded with an interactive acoustic system that is designed to reward viewers who are curious, adventurous, even irreverent towards artworks. I find the contemporary museum/gallery experience rather restrictive because the commercial value of art has eclipsed its experiential value, and so we are not allowed to touch and feel art-objects. The installation rewards people who touch, bang, jump and investigate the work.